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Month to month contracts create internal pressure on the IT company to do the right thing by the client. A company that operates this way has to earn your business every month, and makes it’s profit by keeping problems and risks minimized.



Kalleo Technologies has been providing information technology solutions to the healthcare market since 2004. We started our company with the goal of bringing enterprise level support to healthcare organizations.

We are uniquely qualified to provide IT management services for your medical practice because of our extensive experience managing the technology at healthcare offices all across the US – from Hawaii to New York. We are able to resolve most issues over the phone on the first call. This reduces the time and cost associated with your technology. When the need arises for onsite support, we dispatch a technician to address the issue onsite.

Our model of highly efficient, enterprise level proactive management means that you can expect the highest level of support at an attractive price. We will work with you and your staff to understand your specific goals and concerns on an ongoing basis. This means you can expect a greater amount of uptime for your systems that are critical to you and your patients. We can provide the kind of service you would expect from a knowledgeable internal IT department at a fraction of the cost.



Systems and Network Monitoring

Our systems and technicians will monitor for and respond to problems on your network and servers 24 hours a day every day of the year. This allows us to achieve our goal of maximum uptime. We will respond to problems no matter when they occur and resolve them.

Our system monitors thousands of distinct events and metrics in order to discover problems either as they happen or even before they occur. Two important metrics that we monitor relate to backups: Did the backups run and were they verified? By monitoring backups on the server we can greatly increase the likelihood that the backups will be good in the event of a disaster.

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